17 Sep

A Home Office Wall Bed System Is What You Need

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Do you work from home, either occasionally or full-time? How about your house – does it have enough space to provide a fully equipped office in one room, without having to double as a guest bedroom? Most of us aren’t that lucky. When your wish list includes a home office that provides all the equipment and space you need to work, meet with clients and neatly store your files and supplies – all while also providing space for an overnight guest – than a home office wall bed system is the ideal solution. Here’s why.

You Can Add a Desk to Your Wall Bed 

Did you know? Adding a desk to your wall bed is very easy. It is an option for many of the wall beds you see on your website. Of course, you can always configure a custom home office wall bed system that includes a desk in any size or shape. From large, corporate-style desks to a smaller, child-size version for doing homework or even a stand-up desk for use with a stability ball, we can work up a design that perfectly fits your needs.

Wall Bed with double desks.

There’s no need to stop at one desk, either. Look at this wall bed system we designed for a customer who wanted his and her desks on either side of the Murphy bed cabinet.

Many of our Murphy wall beds are designed so that the work papers and tools on your desk stay in place, even when you pull the mattress down from the cabinet. No need to clean off your papers when company arrives!

You Can Add Side Piers to Your Home Office Wall Bed System

This York wall bed has display shelving and a custom credenza added.

In addition to a desk, a home office wall bed system needs storage space for supplies, perhaps cabinets for files and maybe bookshelves. Any or all of these functions are simply supplied with the addition of one or more side piers on your Murphy wall bed. You can opt for standard side piers sold with many of our wall beds, or design your own for a custom configuration. This is a great option if you have a specific need, such as blueprint drawers, cubbies for odd-sized items, hooks to hang tools, a cabinet door with whiteboard or other custom feature. Imagine your perfect home office, with space for all your equipment, products and supplies, and we can make it happen.

You Can Add Lights and Power

home office wall bed system

This Royal wall bed features bookcases with task lighting.

Here’s yet one more way your home office wall bed system is fully functional: by adding power outlets and light fixtures. Wherever you need the convenience of a task lamp, power outlet or USB port, we can add it to your wall bed cabinet or side pier. We can place them nearly anywhere, depending on size and placement in the room. With these handy conveniences included in the configuration of your Murphy bed, your home office will always look neat and tidy, no cords to trip over or disguise, no need to crawl under or around furniture to find them.

Isn’t it time you created the home office of your dreams? With a Murphy wall bed system in place, your guest bedroom is hidden away until needed and you have the space to accomplish everything necessary for your work projects.

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