25 Oct

Murphy Wall Beds Multiply the Space in Your Home

What if there was a way to easily and quickly multiply your home’s square footage? No, we are not talking about an addition to your house or some magical way of increasing its size.  It all has to do with Murphy wall beds and how they take up so little room, it’s almost like adding to the size of your home.

Size Matters

wall bed with wardrobe closet

Our built-in wardrobe closet and flip up desk are a great way to maximize space.

When you do away with a traditional bed in any room of your home and replace it with a Murphy bed, you find that you now have access to double or even triple the interior space. This is because a traditional bed takes up about 35 to 42 inches of floor space, depending on the mattress size. But Murphy wall beds, which are enclosed in a handsome, hardwood cabinet, have a footprint as small as just over six square feet for a twin mattress or nine square feet for the most popular size, a queen-size mattress.

Play Favorites

Most homeowners have only one “extra” room in their home. Usually this spare room has to function as a guest bedroom when accommodating friends or family for an overnight stay.  Of course, when you add a bed to this room, as discussed above, it takes up a lot of prime real estate.

Murphy wall beds

What if you could designate your extra room as a place for your favorite activities instead? Maybe you’d like to use it for yoga, crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, drawing, painting, writing or reading – let your imagination be your guide. But whatever your favorite activity might be, toss out that old traditional bed and replace it with a Murphy bed system.  Not only will you instantly gain a lot of space in the room, you can also add and customize a pair of side piers and perhaps add a desk. Whether you want storage for exercise equipment, crafting supplies, fabric, books or paint, we can help you create a wall bed system with the drawers, doors and shelves to corral it all neatly.

Murphy Wall Beds Fit In Unconventional Spots

Plaza Wall Bed 4

Here’s another idea for multiplying the space in your home with Murphy wall beds – put them in the place they fit best. That doesn’t always equal a spare room. Sometimes it works better to place a Murphy bed – especially with sofa or entertainment center – in a family room, game room or basement. If it’s your kids who have overnight guests most often, why not put a wall bed in their bedrooms? When you have a home-based business, a Murphy wall bed system is the perfect addition to your office; it’s a practical piece of office furniture (add a desk, filing cabinets, lighting, power outlets and more) by day and a comfortable bed for sleeping at night.

The Space for Your Dreams

Even if you live in a home or condo with limited space, there’s no reason you can’t have a room that does double or even triple duty in terms of practical purpose. With Murphy wall beds, you can truly multiply your space and satisfy your personal desires.

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