15 Oct

Refresh Your Guestroom Just in Time for the Holidays

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Believe it or not, the time of year we all love and fear is nearly here – the holiday season. Soon you will be overcome with family members and friends intent on enjoying your hospitality. If you haven’t assessed the accommodations you provide for guests, now is the perfect time to get your guestroom ready for the holidays by including a quality cabinet bed.

Spruce Things Up

When is the last time you painted the guestroom or purchased new soft goods? A quick coat of paint can make a world of difference in how this room looks. You may want to try something different, such as using a dark hue on the walls lightened up with crisp white trim. Berry and onyx are two hot color trends for 2018, but if that is a bit too much, opt for the softer hue of blue-green characterized by gray undertones for a soothing bedroom atmosphere.

This may be a good time to toss out that old throw rug next to the bed, too. A fluffy, white, faux-fur rug is a classic choice.

Drapes, blinds or shades are another easy replacement that really updates the look of a guestroom. Whatever type of window dressing you choose, make sure it adequately blocks the outside light so your guests get the best night’s sleep possible.

Organize the Space

The guestroom is often the “spare room” in a home and as such, it gets cluttered with extra stuff. Before your guests arrive for the holidays, take the time to organize the space.

quality cabinet bed

Our best suggestion for organization and space-savings is adding a quality cabinet bed. These compact beds fold neatly into a handsome, all-hardwood cabinet that stows along a wall. This frees up a ton of space for everyday use while still providing a comfortable night’s sleep via the premium gel and memory foam mattress included with each quality cabinet bed. There is also a roomy storage drawer alongside the bottom of the cabinet and some models even include a USB/power outlet conveniently located near the head of the bed, at the base of the cabinet.

custom designed Murphy wall bed system
This CAD rendering shows that you can do nearly anything with this custom designed Murphy bed system, which includes a sectional sofa, bookcase and closet.

Of course, if you really want to get organized while saving space, you could opt for a larger Murphy wall bed system, with a mattress that pulls down from a vertical or horizontal cabinet. Add side piers in your choice of bookshelves, wardrobe, drawers and/or cabinets and you have an instant home office in the guestroom plus a place for everything.

Make it Homey

Lastly, think about one of your favorite past out-of-town stays. Chances are it included little touches that made you feel welcome in your home away from home. Try to create the same type of atmosphere for your guests. Include items such as a basket of magazines or books, soft lighting on a table next to the quality cabinet bed, extra throws, a comfortable recliner and perhaps even a tray with bottled water, snacks and a bud vase. These extra little homey touches are sure to make your guests appreciate you even more.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your guestroom before guests arrive for overnight holiday stays – especially if you include a quality cabinet bed.

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