21 Jun

Steps to Order a Built to Order Murphy Wall Bed

Let’s face it – Murphy wall beds are highly functional, space-saving, handsome and ingenious pieces of furniture. You already know that they can be added to any room and provide an extra bed for overnight company. But did you know that a built to order Murphy wall bed can be customized to fit any need, want or desire you might have? Here is what you need to know about this option.

Start at the Beginning

Did you know we can turn any space into a gorgeous, organized, Murphy Closet masterpiece?

Every built to order Murphy wall bed starts at the same place: with a vision of a furnishing that satisfies your personal needs. Of course, this piece of furniture is most noted for its extra bed, hidden behind a handsome cabinet wall. But, with added side piers, consoles and perhaps even a whole room surround of custom millwork, a Murphy wall bed becomes so much more.

Envision the room where you will place your built to order Murphy wall bed. What is the purpose of the room? What do you do in the room? For instance, will the space be used for exercise? Hobbies? Entertainment? A play room for the kids? An extra closet for clothes or accessories? A place to display collectibles? Perhaps it will be a home office – a very popular choice. The wall bed surrounds and side piers can accommodate all these activities and more.

Consult with Our In-House Professionals

A CAD rendering such as this will help your dream built to order Murphy wall bed come to life.

The next step is to take your visions, ideas, plans and dreams to one of our in-house designers. Working with a CAD program, he or she will produce a rendering of what your proposed design will look like. Remember that this can include not only a Murphy wall bed, but cabinetry, storage pieces and custom millwork throughout the room – a complete solution.

Next, our team of professional installers will come to your home and take measurements in your room to ensure that we get all the details exactly right. There’s nothing worse than ordering a built to order Murphy wall bed only to have it delivered and realize that there is no nearby outlet to power the recessed lighting or there is no way to attach the unit securely to the wall.

Order and Installation

This is one example of a built to order Murphy wall bed – it includes wardrobe closets.

When you are satisfied with the CAD rendering of your built to order Murphy wall bed, we will order the unit for you. Depending on how involved your wall bed and additional millwork are, this part of the process could take several weeks or more. Rest assured that it is being made with quality craftsmanship and solid, North American hardwoods.

When your custom Murphy bed arrives, our installer team will deliver it to your home and install all the pieces safely and securely.

Now Sit Back and Enjoy

This could be your home office with a custom Murphy wall bed system.

The final step is for you to enjoy your built to order Murphy wall bed and all the ways that it makes your life more streamlined, convenient and organized. Finally, you will have everything you’ve ever dreamed about in that extra room of your home.

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