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Summer is the Perfect Time to Update a Child’s Room with Wall Bed

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Ah, summertime! It’s the season to enjoy playing outdoors and catching up on projects. And since the kids are out of school, why not make this the time to update a child’s room with wall bed? Let them in on the process and they are sure to find it exciting when they can plan the layout, colors and styles. Here’s what you need to know about adding a wall bed to your child’s bedroom.

Why Add a Wall Bed?

A kid’s room is the perfect place to add a wall bed, in addition to their normal sleeping bed. This is a great way to encourage them to keep things neat and tidy, while adding a built-in spot for sleepover friends. Because it folds up into a securely fastened wall cabinet, this extra bed still gives them plenty of room to play, dance or party. At night, the bed pulls down so that play partners can easily spend the night on a comfortable mattress.

empress wall bed

This Empress Wall Bed features display shelves and built-in lighting.

A wall bed can be more than just an extra mattress, however. With the right accessories and side piers, it can add a ton of functionality to any room and even provide lots of extra storage space. Take a look at these ideas for updating your child’s room with wall bed ingenuity.

What Fits Best?

It’s easy to design a child’s room with wall bed in any square footage. Depending on the mattress size, the wall bed can take up as little as just over six square feet in floor space. Mattress sizes range from twin to king, but for a kid’s bedroom, twin or full is probably adequate. Most regular bed mattresses can be used in a wall bed, so if you already have one not in use, this is the perfect place to put it to use.

Add a Wall Bed with Desk

This Mirage V Desk Wall Bed is a perfect fit in a child’s room.

What child doesn’t need a desk in their room? Whether it’s for doing homework, working on crafts or playing computer games, a desk – especially one that folds up and out of the way when not in use – always comes in handy. A wall bed with desk will always be appreciated.

You can even add a sofa to a wall bed, which creates an excellent spot for kids and their friends to watch TV or play video games.

Desks are an option for most wall bed models, both horizontal and vertical.

mirage h disappearing desk wall bed

This horizontal Mirage Desk Wall Bed includes a disappearing desk.

For the best use of space with the great functionality, consider adding side piers to the wall bed in your child’s room. This allows you to set up dual desks, one on each side, if you wish – handy if the room is shared by more than one child. You can also add power outlets, USB ports and lights – everything anyone could need to get homework or crafts done with ease.

Update the Room with a Custom Wall Bed

plaza wall bed

Plaza wall bed with built-in bookcases, storage and computer workstation.

If your child has very specific needs for the way they use their room, consider ordering a custom wall bed and side piers. With this option, the sky is the limit; add everything from a wardrobe to a pet bed to cabinet or drawers for storage. This is an investment that will last a long time – even after they are fully grown and just coming home to visit. Today’s wall beds are sturdy, durable and can even be refinished to change the style of the room.

We hope you agree that summer is the absolute perfect time to update a child’s room with wall bed and turn it into a clean, neat and useful space they will enjoy for years to come.

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