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Thinking of adding a Murphy wall bed to your home? Perhaps you are a new owner of a pull-out wall bed, or you have had one for some time. In any case, there are certain things you should do to maintain and care for your Murphy bed so that it keeps its good looks and […]

What is the most important thing when shopping for home furnishings? Most people would say it’s the looks of each piece. After all, even the most useful, functional, perfectly sized piece of furniture wouldn’t be something you would consider buying if it didn’t look good. And that’s why Murphy Beds of San Diego is offering […]

Murphy beds are a great addition to any home. But with the wide variety of styles available, it is often difficult to decide which one would work best in your home, based on style and functionality. In this article, we review three of our top sellers and what makes each special. Which one is your […]

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