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Transform Your Home into the Cool Place to Party

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It’s summertime – and the living is easy, as the classic song goes. That means you are probably planning lots of events and parties at your home. In that case, it may also be time to do some remodeling or renovation to your space to ensure that your parties go smoothly and keep everyone safe. Here are a few suggestions you can incorporate with a Murphy wall bed system or two in your home.


The Entertainment Hub

Whether it’s your living room, rec room, home theater, basement or other space designated as the place to watch movies and hang out, it needs to be, above all, comfortable. That means lots of plush seating, a TV that can easily be seen from anywhere in the room, places to set drinks and a high quality audio system.  Don’t forget cool extras like video game machines, a pool table or perhaps a bar.

murphy wall bed system with sofa

Sectional Wall Bed 4

To get maximum functionality out of the room, you will want to add a nifty Murphy wall bed system with a sofa and storage space.  This is the ideal solution for extra seating during a party or event, which then transforms into a cozy bed for any guests who may need to stay the night. The side piers can hold DVDs, games, books and more – everything necessary for a great time neatly tucked away until needed.


The Kids’ Room

Do your children often host sleepover parties? Whether they are kindergarten age or teenagers, kids love getting together to talk, play, eat and generally make a mess. And it seems there is rarely enough space to accommodate them all in a single room when it finally comes time to crash for the night.

murphy bed with desk

Encore Wall Bed 3

The solution? The better choice than a sleeping bag is a cleverly designed Murphy wall bed system that functions as a desk for doing homework on a normal day, then moonlights as an extra bed during a sleepover party. It’s not wasted space with the desk and side piers for storage most of the time. But it sure comes in handy when your child hosts an overnight guest or two.

mirage h disappearing desk wall bed

Mirage H Desk Wall Bed 3


The “Extra” Room Guestroom

Many of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited space in our homes and any type of “extra” room has to serve two or more purposes. But that extra room can easily be transformed into a fully functional guestroom when you host a party with the addition of a Murphy wall bed system.

wall bed with wardrobe closet

Our built-in wardrobe closet and flip up desk are a great way to maximize space.

Do you annually host a holiday party? A birthday party? Or recognize some other special event? If you are scrambling to make room for guests who are traveling from out of town, adding a Murphy wall bed system to your home office, craft room or exercise space is the ideal solution. This allows you to enjoy the room each and every day for its main purpose, but be transformed into an elegant guest suite as needed. This is especially true if you add side piers that contain handy wardrobe space and drawers, plus lighting, electrical outlets and a USB port.

empress wall bed

Empress Wall Bed 2


Plan Your Cool Party Place Today

Need more ideas on how to put up scheduled or last-minute overnight guests in your home? We can help you design a custom Murphy bed and wall unit that looks perfect in any room of your home – and comfortably accommodates anyone wishing to spend the night.

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