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Why You Should Choose Eco Friendly Wall Beds

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When it comes to finding the perfect wall bed for your needs, there are plenty of choices and plenty of price points. However, going with the cheapest model available is usually not the best choice. Instead, opt for eco friendly wall beds which are better constructed, more durable and friendlier to the environment. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Location, Location, Location

All of the solid hardwood wall beds at Murphy Beds of San Diego are manufactured in North America, with many of them made right here in the USA. That makes them easier on the environment because trucking distances are minimal. When your wall bed is made overseas, it requires additional shipping methods that release harmful emissions.

No Harmful Chemicals

eco friendly wall beds

They are called VOCs, or volatile organic chemicals. And you will find plenty of these chemicals emitted as gases in furniture that is treated and made with substances such as formaldehyde and flame retardants (also known as PDBEs). This is especially common in furnishings that are made in China and elsewhere overseas, where they use particle board, plywood, pressed and composite woods rather than solid hardwood. Those countries do not use the same standards as we do in the US when it comes to possible cancer-causing agents used to manufacture their products. That’s why we offer only solid hardwood wall beds.

Economic Benefits

Another way that buying eco friendly wall beds helps our country is that it stimulates our economy. Solid hardwood wall beds made in the US help our economy grow through the creation of a job force put to work building, inspecting and shipping these furnishings. The additional money in our economic system helps to fund environmental programs aimed at sustaining our natural resources.

Sustainable Forestry

Every manufacturer we deal with to provide eco friendly wall beds practices sustainable forestry. This may include initiatives such as reduced impact logging, reforestation and environmentally sound management, growth and harvesting practices. Limiting soil erosion and compaction is another way that wall bed manufacturers promote healthy forests to source the hardwoods used.

Less Landfill Waste

Dovetailed joints make our Amish wall beds extremely durable.

Lastly, we encourage you to consider eco friendly wall beds made in North America because they are crafted to be sturdy, durable and handsome for many years to come. The joints are reinforced for safety and durability. That means these wall beds will not be relegated to the landfill because of poor performance or a degradation of looks. In fact, our eco friendly wall beds are specifically designed to resist fading or peeling of the finish and cracking of the wood.

Don’t waste your money on a wall bed that is cheaply constructed overseas. Make the environmentally friendly choice of a high quality, solid hardwood wall bed that strengthens our own economy and protects our natural resources.

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