Category: Cabinet Beds

When you have just a small amount of space but big ideas about how to use it, the Sagebrush Cabinet Bed comes to the rescue! Its small footprint means you can add an extra bed encased in a beautiful wood cabinet almost anywhere in your home. Why Choose the Sagebrush Cabinet Bed Over a Murphy […]

Will cabinet beds fit your space better than a traditional Murphy bed or a full, custom wall bed system? Then we invite you to meet three of our most popular cabinet beds: Clover, Daisy and Sagebrush. Clover Cabinet Bed A handsome, solid hardwood cabinet available in three finish colors characterizes the Clover. This cabinet bed […]

Space is a commodity that is in high demand – especially if you own a smaller home or condo. It’s not always easy to find room for every need or storage for every item. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on bulky furnishings to do the job. A cabinet bed could be just the thing […]

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