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All it takes is a quick search of the internet to realize that there are lots of options for buying a bargain Murphy bed – everything from cheap beds made in China to do-it-yourself instructions for making your own. However, we caution you to think about the consequences before you opt for any of those. […]

Murphy wall beds have been around for quite some time – more than a hundred years, to be exact. Apparently, a good idea has staying power. But wall beds haven’t always been as popular as they are today. Here is a brief historical look at the iconic Murphy bed and how it has affected our lifestyles.  […]

Should a versatile, functional, space-saving Murphy wall bed be on your Christmas list this year? We’d like to think so. And here are the top reasons you need a Murphy bed to further convince you. Handsome, Solid Hardwood Furniture Besides saving space and adding functionality to any room of your home, the Murphy beds we […]

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