26 Jul

Empty Nest? Transform Vacant Bedrooms with a Wall Bed Unit

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Are you looking forward to the last child leaving the house this fall to attend college? There is no time like the present to start planning uses for a newly vacant bedroom. Here all the ways that a versatile wall bed unit can transform that extra square footage into a space you will use every day – and still provide a bed for the kids when they come back home to visit. This ensures that the extra room is truly multifunctional.

Media/Reading Room

Murphy Beds of San Diego can design entertainment centers that hide all of your stereo and TV components.

If you’ve always wanted a quiet room to enjoy watching movies, reading a good book or perhaps even playing video games, your newly empty second bedroom is the ideal spot. Rather than adding a large sofa, opt for cozy seating in the form of recliners and theatre chairs interspersed with occasional tables. Make sure there are plenty of outlets and USB ports handy, as well as task lighting and a good sound system.

Space-saving Mirage desk wall bed

How a wall bed unit can help: add a set of side piers to any style of Murphy bed for a neat and tidy way to store DVDs, books, games and more. You may want to attach a multi-purpose table or desk to the front of the wall bed cabinet for a convenient place to play a game of chess or checkers. Some wall bed units even include a sofa and a place for a TV. Of course, you can also design an entertainment center around your wall bed, as illustrated above, too.

Exercise Room

Encore Wall Bed with side pier cabinets.

It’s never too late to get into shape. Consider outfitting your spare bedroom with all the exercise equipment you need to make physical fitness a priority. A treadmill is a good place to start. Add sets of free weights, yoga mats and perhaps a stationary cycle. Placing a television set against the wall flanked by mirrors on either side and a pair of built-in speakers helps keep your mind off the physical exertion.

Murphy bed system

This Bellagio Wall Bed with matching side piers works well in a home workout room.

How a wall bed unit can help: Include plenty of storage space in the side piers around your Murphy bed. Cubbies can hold rolled towels and yoga mats while a wardrobe provides a convenient place to hang workout clothes. With a custom unit, you can even create the perfect storage solution for resistance bands, wrist weights, bottled water and more.

Craft or Hobby Room

Murphy wall bed system

Make beautiful music or artwork in this guest room cum studio.

Now that the kids have left the nest, why not indulge your passion for a hobby? You may enjoy making jewelry, scrapbooking, photography, collecting stamps or creating works of art. No matter your passion, having a dedicated space to explore your hobby is an ideal way to expand your skill set and enjoy your pursuit without making a mess in the rest of the house.

Mirage built-in vertical desk wall bed with wardrobe closet.

How a wall bed unit can help: Adding a desk or table to the front of the wall bed cabinet provides a nice work area. Customize side piers or additional, matching cabinetry to include drawers, cubbies, shelves, pegboard, hooks or anything else that will help you organize your supplies and display your finished works.

Enjoy Your New Freedom with a Wall Bed Unit in That Spare Room

Embrace the fact that you are now, or soon to be, an empty nester by taking back your space. These are just a few of the ways that installing a wall bed unit in a spare bedroom can help.

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