24 Jul

Murphy Wall Beds are Perfect for Minimalist Design

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When we were in the thick of the pandemic, many of us spent a lot of time in our homes. That gave us the opportunity to examine our belongings to determine what was really important and what could easily be given away. Out of that process came the realization that we could live without a lot of clutter and thus a new focus on minimalism was born. If you and your family have embraced minimalist design in your home, then it is only natural to take advantage of the unique features of Murphy wall beds to give you more space in less square footage.

Wall Beds and Minimalist Design

Why are Murphy wall beds perfect for minimalist design? The number one reason is that since they are securely attached to a wall and the mattress folds up inside the frame, they have a very small footprint. This leaves the rest of the room open to a multitude of possibilities. You may wish to keep that large space cleared for foot traffic. Or, if you are downsizing to a tiny home or guest house, a Murphy wall bed becomes the everyday place to sleep.

plaza gray wall bed

If your style is contemporary (which lends itself perfectly to minimalist design), opt for a wall bed with clean lines and a modicum of details, such as this Plaza Gray Wall Bed. It features a single handle on the cabinet for ease of pulling the mattress out and only a single panel in the solid hardwood front in the way of style elements.

Beyond Minimalism: Function and Features

With minimalist design, the fewer furnishings in a room, the better. Murphy wall beds help you achieve the essence of this movement by combining storage and other features in a single unit (typically with matching side piers) that leaves plenty of bare floor space.

mirage v desk wall bed

For instance, this Mirage V Desk Wall Bed includes a handy desk so the bed doubles as home office space. Add one or two side piers with cabinets, drawers and cupboards to store all your office supplies and computer equipment.

encore sofa wall bed

There are plenty of other options for functional and feature-packed furnishings. This Encore Sofa Wall Bed is perfect for the smaller home where a single room acts as both bedroom and living room. Open cabinets on both sides are available for storing books, movies, games and other essentials in order to corral the clutter.

Seamless Integration

This York wall bed has a matching side pier, display shelving and a custom credenza added.

Murphy wall beds are perfect for minimalist design in that they can be custom ordered as a seamless integration in nearly any room of your home, no matter the size. At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we can order a complete wall bed system. Go ahead and remove all the furniture from a room. Our professionals will come out and measure the space and help you determine the best configuration of wall bed plus matching millwork that includes your choice of features. You can opt for anything from a pet palace to a wardrobe to home gym storage in the matching cabinetry – the only limit is your imagination.

We hope you have come to realize that Murphy wall beds are perfect for minimalist design and invite you to call or stop by our showroom today and allow us to open the possibilities for you.

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