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In times past (we’re talking about you 60s, 70s and 80s) the trend for interior décor was cluttered and frankly, overdone. In today’s contemporary-styled home, minimalist interior design is preferred. In order to accomplish this style, it’s important to select furnishings that perform double or even triple duty. Here are several ways that foldaway guest […]

No matter the square footage of the guest room in your home, it simply makes sense to utilize the space you have in an efficient and visually appealing manner. With streamlined design, this room becomes less cluttered and more functional while providing a comfortable place for overnight guests. With this principle in mind, we invite […]

One of the secrets that interior designers use to make a room look its best is the idea of proportion control. This refers to the ability to constrain the size of room features, décor and furnishings so that they all form an aesthetically pleasing whole. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve the right proportion in […]

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