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What if there was a way to easily and quickly multiply your home’s square footage? No, we are not talking about an addition to your house or some magical way of increasing its size.  It all has to do with Murphy wall beds and how they take up so little room, it’s almost like adding […]

We often get the question, “Is there anywhere we can’t put a multi-functional wall bed?” There may be a few places where it wouldn’t be feasible, due to a room’s configuration or the absence of a suitably stable place to affix it. But because many wall beds can be configured as either horizontal or vertical, […]

You know that when space is at a premium, every inch counts. That means you don’t have room in close quarters for any piece of furniture that doesn’t serve one, two or even three different purposes. And when it comes to traditional beds, they just don’t cut the mustard, in terms of functionality. That’s why […]

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