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Just because you don’t own your home – or you have a house you rent out – doesn’t mean you can’t furnish it in a way that saves precious space and makes it ultra-organized. There are plenty of innovative solutions that you can add to your rental home and take with you when you decide […]

Strapped for space? Buying a larger home is not always an option. Perhaps, instead, you can learn to embrace your small space. Following these tips, which center around space saving cabinet beds, will allow you to love your compact house again by making it work more efficiently and look stylish. Go Vertical What small homes […]

In honor of our nation’s birthday, we thought it would be fun to share with you the four freedoms of using a cabinet bed in your home. There truly are several ways that a cabinet bed can help you gain independence from common household problems. Take a look. Freedom to Entertain Guests Perhaps the most […]

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