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When you or your kids live temporarily in a small space, such as a studio, tiny home, flat or walkup, the number one problem is usually lack of space. Think of it as a challenge to use every square foot wisely. In that regard, one of the best space hacks for a studio is a […]

Most of us have some space issues in our homes, as in lack of space. Even in a large house, the room you do have isn’t always used efficiently. No matter where you live, nearly any room can be transformed thanks to feature rich wall bed systems that free up square footage and provide room […]

Are you an empty nester with a house full of furnishings you no longer need? Perhaps your kids are leaving home for college after finishing high school this year. In either case, there is no need to preserve your kids’ rooms for the occasional future visit. Why not use all the space you can to […]

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