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What better time of year to celebrate the high quality American wall beds made right here in the good old U.S. of A than Thanksgiving? We present an ode to the superior craftsmanship, solid hardwood and custom features available in our collection of American made wall beds. Thankful for… Superior Craftsmanship Perhaps the number one […]

At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we had a customer leave us a lovely review that stated we added “magic and sophistication” to her wall bed design idea. We thought that was an excellent way to describe the product she custom ordered from us. It was the perfect wall bed to fit her space and […]

Should you add a Murphy bed to a room in your home? Chances are it could save you a lot of space and provide greater functionality. If you are remodeling a room or trying to find extra space in tight quarters, a wall bed could be the ideal solution. Here are our top reasons that […]

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