10 Feb

Murphy Bed Advantages Over a Traditional Bed

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Should you add a Murphy bed to a room in your home? Chances are it could save you a lot of space and provide greater functionality. If you are remodeling a room or trying to find extra space in tight quarters, a wall bed could be the ideal solution. Here are our top reasons that a Murphy bed is better than a traditional bed.

Murphy Bed Advantage #1: Space-Saving

A small footprint equals lots of extra space

How much space does your regular old bed take up? Depending on the size of the mattress, it could be anywhere from about 35 square feet (for a queen-size mattress, which is the most popular size) on up to 42 square feet (for a California King). That’s a big footprint for a piece of furniture that is only used on occasion (as in a guest room).

Instead of devoting all that square footage to a traditional bed, why not make it work for you by adding a Murphy bed? With an average depth of 21”, that’s already a huge amount of saved space. But by turning your Murphy bed into a desk, closet, storage space, bookcases or any other hundreds of functions, you are now tripling or even quadrupling the usable space in a room.

Murphy Bed Advantage #2: Functionality

Wall bed with sofa

A wall bed with sofa provides lots of seating in limited space

With a traditional bed, all you can really do is sleep in it – or maybe sit on the edge. I’m sure if you got really creative you could find a couple other uses. But…it just can’t compare with a wall bed.

As mentioned in benefit #1, there are tons of ways you can customize a Murphy bed to provide the performance and functionality you need in nearly any room of your home. It’s a natural addition to a home office, a hobby or sewing room or a child’s bedroom to accommodate sleepovers. And if you have a guest room that needs to perform two or three different functions, a wall bed is ideal since it can transform from a work area to a bed in seconds – without having to move the components of your project.

Murphy Bed Advantage #3: Beauty and Style

wall bed with desk

This model includes a desk that stays put while the mattress is pulled down over the top.

Sure, traditional beds can be beautiful, with headboards and footboards, pillows and shams and comforters and skirts. But a wall bed is even more handsome. Murphy beds are available in a wide range of finishes, colors and hardware. Whether you prefer natural wood or a lacquered finish, glossy white or stained oak, oil-rubbed bronze or shiny brass hardware, your Murphy bed can be customized to meet your design preference.

And it keeps things neat and organized by offering storage and/or work space. Some wall beds feature a desk that stays in place while the mattress is pulled down over the top – a perfect way to instantly present a tidy room to an unexpected guest.

Love a Murphy Bed Today

These are just some of the reasons why you are sure to prefer a Murphy bed over a traditional bed for certain rooms in your home. They instantly free up space, provide almost unlimited functionality and look great while doing so. What’s not to love?

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