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In today’s home, we often want and need rooms that serve multiple purposes. Of course, a Metro cabinet bed is a perfect way to make space for everything that happens in a spare room. But how does that antique creation marry with the style of today’s modern homes? Perfectly well! Cabinet Bed History Did you […]

No doubt you’ve heard the old adage, “good things come in small packages.” Not only do small packages represent high value, they are also often the eco-friendly choice for those concerned about their effect on the environment. With a Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed in your home space, you will experience both value and peace of […]

Now that summer is here, at least in terms of the school year, chances are your kids need a project, or two, or three or four to keep them busy. This could be the perfect time to get them onboard with cleaning up their rooms – and give them a fresh new look. They are […]

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