23 Sep

Must Haves for the Perfect Family Home

What are the ideal features for the perfect family home? While every family has specific needs, there are some things that are requested over and over again from homeowners wishing to upgrade their space and make it work for their needs. The most often cited features of the perfect family home? Plenty of storage, proper lighting, and enough space for everyone in the family to do what they want to do. In this article, we’ll look at each of these must haves for the perfect family home and show how a Murphy wall bed system or cabinet bed can help.

Plenty of Storage

This is the number one requested feature from homeowners and particularly true of families who have the need to corral lots of stuff. Without a proper place to put it all, the family home will be disorganized and look cluttered. Too much stuff laying around can also affect your state of mind and make it difficult for the kiddos to concentrate on homework.

Library wall bed
This gorgeous Library wall bed is offered in several different finishes for the solid hardwood cabinet.

The solution? While it may not be the perfect choice for every room in your home, adding a Murphy wall bed system is an excellent way to add to the overall storage space. There are plenty of wall beds available with matching side piers which can be configured with shelving, drawers, cabinets and cubbies. Another option is a Library Murphy Wall Bed, which incorporates bookshelves in the design of the cabinet front hiding the mattress. We even offer a cabinet bed with side piers, the Metro Cabinet Bed with Wall Unit.

Can’t find exactly what you want in our online catalog? Murphy Beds of San Diego can design an entire roomful of custom cabinetry that matches the centerpiece of it all: the Murphy wall bed.

Proper Lighting

Most homes come complete with a light fixture hanging from the middle of the ceiling. But that is not always adequate, especially if you are working from home. In addition to plenty of windows and perhaps a skylight, extra lighting that can be focused on the task at hand is always a welcome addition.

metro cabinet bed with wall unit
Metro Murphy cabinet bed with matching wall unit.

Once again, a Murphy wall bed system is one of those must haves for the perfect family home. Lighting can be added where you want it when designing a custom wall bed system. Or you can opt for a ready made piece that includes lighting and features such as USB ports and power outlets. Check out the Metro Cabinet Bed with Wall Unit again – it includes a set of side piers connected by a bridge across the two pieces including puck lights. This may be an ideal addition to a child’s room or guestroom, and it is sure to add a bit of welcome, extra lighting.

Multifunctional Spaces

Add even more functionality to your room with a drop-down multipurpose table wall bed.

Planning out your space to include must haves for the perfect family home means taking the time to consider what you and the members of your family like to do together and making room for it all. This is usually done in a family room where everyone tends to gather anyway. Whether it’s playing online games or board games, watching movies or simply enjoying a relaxing time after dinner together, be sure the main space in your home works for the various functions it needs to perform.

The key to making it all work is to create zones. Perhaps the television is located on one end of the room while the other end contains a game playing table and in between is a place for quietly reading or relaxing.

Encore Wall Bed with sofa

A Murphy wall bed system can help here, too. Order one with a sofa attached to the front of the cabinet and not only is this a great place for the family to gather and watch TV, but it can also accommodate your children’s sleepover guests. Another option is a wall bed with a table that folds out from the front of the cabinet. This would be ideal for the family who likes to play games. Another option is placing a cabinet bed between zones in the room since it can act as a divider.

These must haves for the perfect family home can be reality when you choose to add a Murphy wall bed system or cabinet bed.

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