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What is a Murphy chest bed? And what are the chief differences between the various styles? This informative article will answer those questions and more. Read on for this Murphy chest beds comparison so you can more easily decide which model is right for your home. Difference Between Chest Beds and Murphy Wall Beds Of […]

That time of year is upon again – the holidays. And with the holiday season comes many occasions when we may be asked to accommodate overnight guests. Don’t be caught unprepared. Take a tip from many homeowners who do not have room for a dedicated guestroom and add a chest bed for the occasional friend […]

While you may not entertain overnight guests very often, when you do have friends or family come to stay the night at your house, you surely want to make them comfortable. Even if you don’t have a dedicated guestroom, it is possible to give guests a private place to stay, including a cozy and supportive […]

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