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Let’s face it – Murphy wall beds are highly functional, space-saving, handsome and ingenious pieces of furniture. You already know that they can be added to any room and provide an extra bed for overnight company. But did you know that a built to order Murphy wall bed can be customized to fit any need, […]

Most of us have one – a bare wall that is doing nothing to earn its keep. Whether that wall is in your guestroom, your living room, a home office or a hobby room, isn’t it time you made it work for you? Here are our suggestions for decorating that bare wall beautifully. Hint: it […]

At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we had a customer leave us a lovely review that stated we added “magic and sophistication” to her wall bed design idea. We thought that was an excellent way to describe the product she custom ordered from us. It was the perfect wall bed to fit her space and […]

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