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Could you use some extra space in your guestroom? While it may not be practical to tear down walls and make the room bigger, you can easily find extra square footage by incorporating a hidden bed. This allows you to use that room as a home office, hobby room or exercise room most of the […]

You may already be aware that cabinet beds are very useful and functional pieces of furniture that take up little space. But did you know there are lots of variables when it comes to finding the best quality cabinet bed for your home? Here are a few things you may want to consider when shopping […]

For many space-challenged home owners or those who lease their homes, a cabinet bed is an ideal solution for adding an extra guest bed while keeping maximum square footage clear and free. Popular cabinet beds, such as the Clover, Daisy and Sagebrush models, take up only about 10 square feet in the closed position, so […]

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