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With so many of us being confined to our homes, it is only natural that we begin to take a more critical look at our surroundings. The more time we spend within the four walls of the place we call home, the easier it is to focus on all those problem areas we promised to […]

This is a project that you may be considering for your home. Our tips for how to add a Murphy wall bed to a room will help you gain much-needed space and function as a multi-purpose piece of furniture. It’s handsome and well made, to boot. Keep these considerations in mind as you make changes […]

Although many of our loyal clientele live in coastal areas, others enjoy a mountain cabin home as a retreat from the ordinary – or as their main residence. If you have a home in the mountains full-time or even part-time, you may just need a wall bed to make every inch of space count. Here […]

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