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Did you know that you can design a custom wall bed to your exact specifications? This is a particularly attractive option when you have very limited space, but want to accommodate the occasional overnight guest in ultimate comfort. Perhaps you have family members who will be staying at your home for the holidays over an […]

The holiday season is in full swing. You know what that means – lots of parties, guests and family get-togethers. It also means that it is time to assess your home’s readiness to accommodate extra people. When you need an extra bed, or two, or three, then it’s Daisy, Clover and Sagebrush Cabinet Beds to […]

With the biggest holiday season of the year just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the festivities and events. If you are like most people, that means taking a critical look at the space available for overnight guests as well as making sure that your home is neat, clean and tidy. This is […]

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