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Why would you invest in a gorgeous piece of furniture with only a single function? In our opinion, it’s far more worthwhile to get more bang for your buck, such as opting for dual function wall beds that provide the smartest space utilization in a guest room, kid’s room, rec room, basement or study. If […]

When is a bed not just a bed? When it’s a dual function wall bed that not only serves as a comfortable place to sleep, it functions as a desk, a dining table, a sofa and so much more. Take a look at these fantastic wall bed options for inspiration on streamlining your home space. […]

It’s summertime – and the living is easy, as the classic song goes. That means you are probably planning lots of events and parties at your home. In that case, it may also be time to do some remodeling or renovation to your space to ensure that your parties go smoothly and keep everyone safe. […]

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